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Apple ID Jacking is Real

By December 15, 2019Uncategorized

Your Apple ID is the key to unlock your computer, it stores your personal photos, and tracks your devices. There’s an aggressive phishing scam that goes after that information to get to your computer, and personal data. While it looks legitimate, this email brings you one click away from giving up some of your most personal information.

Protect against Phishing Scams
  • Don’t follow links from you email that request your credentials. Go right to the source if you get an email from Apple requesting you to update your Apple ID, by going to Apple directly.
  • Get proper phishing and spam filtering. Marin Mac Tech provides robust spam and phishing filtering that can me added on to your email, preventing these attacks from making it to your inbox.
  • Phish your employees. Marin Mac Tech offers a way to test your employees and safely test whether or not they give up crucial credentials.

As these scams get more elaborate and sophisticated, the need for tools like anti-phishing, DNS filtering and encryption becomes mandatory not optional. New mandates coming in 2020 will require companies to disclose the loss of critical data. This hits companies with a one-two knockout. It’s one thing to lose data, but it’s arguably more damaging to have to publicly disclose the loss. We’ve seen disclosures like that, close medical practices for not having the right tools or complying with the best-practices for dealing with sensitive data.



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