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June 2017

Location – Location – Internet Service!

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You’ve got the perfect office!

Does your office have Everything you need?

Having a good reliable connection to the internet is worth a lot in the business world. Small businesses hanging onto old DSL (or worse) T1 connections may not realize the cost accrued in lost productivity. We’re not just talking about doing more, better, faster. It’s about having the bandwidth to take advantage of tools that bring efficiency to your business. These tools include cloud based services like Dropbox, web apps, G Suite, and other other essentials.

We had a client who was hamstrung by their internet connection. They needed an offsite backup to meet compliance requirements. Not meeting this requirement jeopardize their livelihood. They wanted to take advantage of an offsite, cloud storage provider. Companies like BackBlaze, offer secure, offsite backup that is easy to setup and relatively inexpensive. However, when their server backed up their precious data to the cloud, everyone was virtually kicked offline. Mail stopped going out, webpages failed to load and folks got grumpy!

Marin Mac Tech worked with its partner at Comcast to get high speed internet installed for all of the tenants in the building. This wasn’t just a good for our client, it made the whole building more desirable for other businesses. It was a “win” for the landlord and the tenants.

Don’t underestimate the amount of data it takes to run your business. Having a good internet connection is a lot like having enough hot water for the house. Sure, you can take a cold shower, but you wouldn’t want to do it that often.

Don’t get caught with low bandwidth. Call Marin Mac Tech for an assessment of your internet needs. We can help find the right service to make your business work well!