Let Technology Work for You

Problems with your tech getting to you?  You should get to know Marin Mac Tech. We believe your technology should work for you, to get things done. Our team of professional Apple experienced techs can quickly and effectively help get you up and running and back to what you do best. Marin Mac Tech offers a complete line of service and support for all things Apple and beyond, from training and setup to cloud integration and full network support. Our goal is to use technology that empowers you to be amazing in the things you do.

What We Deliver

System Set Up

You have the tools.  Let’s put them to work. Email, contacts and calendars synced on all your devices? Of course! 


Need help learning to use your computer, tablet or phone? We can get you up and running in no time.

Hardware Repair / Upgrades

Regain the performance you expect from your computer. Need a new hard drive? More memory? We get it done!


Putting up with spotty wireless network or data bottlenecking? Stop suffering from buffering. We use the latest wifi technology, making wireless coverage abundant and dependable.

System Maintenance

If your computers are down, your business is down. We offer support programs to keep you up and running.

We Make it Work for You

We empower you to achieve your business and personal goals. We make tech work for you, not against you!


Your business doesn’t run when your computers and internet are down. We help build resilience into your technology, so when you take a hit, you stay on your feet and keep moving forward.


Trying to connect all the pieces of your online life? We know the feeling. Our Apple experienced staff have the knowledge and expertise to help in a way that is easily understood.  You will have the confidence to manage your computer, contacts, email, applications, and connect to the cloud for mobile access, backup and storage after we leave. And hey… if you have another problem, we’re only a phone call (or email or text, of course) away.

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